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Human Resources FAQ

The Adult Rehabilitation Centers and Family Stores of Chicago


  1. Who is included in the shutdown?

Our stores will be shut for retail at the end of business day, today March 19th. All retail operations will be paused for two weeks until tentatively Friday April 3, 2020.


  1. How will I know if I should report to work during the shutdown?

If you are a retail employee, you do not need to report to work unless notified by your direct manager or supervisor. Central Processing will not be in operation. The warehouse will have some operations functioning. Some donation centers will remain open with modification.


  1. How will donations be accepted during this time?

Donation Centers will be open from 10AM-6PM Monday thru Saturday and Sunday as needed. There will be sanitation stations so that donors can make drop offs. Donors should stay in their vehicles and donor attendants will unload donations in order to observe the social distancing guidelines.


  1. What do I tell a patron who asks me when operations will be up and running?

Please direct all patrons to our website chicago.satruck.org for the latest updates.


  1. Will I get paid for the time that operations were paused?

Employees may use their accrued Vacation and Sick time. Once that bank has been exhausted, the employee will remain unpaid until we are able to resume operations.


  1. Do I have to use sick or benefit time if I do not want to?

Human Resources will default to use your accrued time. If you do not want to use your accrued time, please advise your manager by Saturday March 21st for the current payroll and by Wednesday April 1st for the next payroll.  You will not get a paycheck if you do not use benefit time.


  1. How will I get paid if I do not have direct deposit?

Our Human Resources staff will be in on Friday mornings to distribute checks. Please call into HR (at the office) to advise if you plan to pick up your check or if you prefer, we can mail it to you. If you receive a paper check, we encourage you to switch to direct deposit or the Aline card as bank hours are being cut.


  1. Will my insurance benefits continue?

Insurance premiums will continue to come out of your pay checks if benefit time is used. If benefit time is not used, we will not cancel your insurance policy, however, any missed premiums will be deducted out of your paycheck once work resumes.


* Chesterfield has lifted the rules on counseling so that it can be carried out over the phone or on Facetime or wherever the counselor desires.*


  1. How will I know when to report back to work?

Please call in to the temporary business hotline voicemail which will be updated with a recording daily. You can reach the business hotline at (331) 222-9312. You are also encouraged to check our FB group SA Thrift Insiders which will have updates.


  1. What if I have an emergency or urgent matter?

A temporary HR Hotline for Chicagoland employees has been setup for your care. If you have an emergency or urgent matter and you need immediate counsel, you can call our hotline at (773) 663-3162. Malu and Ida will be attending to this phone.


  1. If I am out of benefit time and need social services such as food or emergency assistance, where can I go?

Please contact Divisional Headquarters at (773) 725-1100 for information on the closest Salvation Army Corps near your house.